What is VxRail Manager?

VxRail Manager is preinstalled with each VxRail appliance but what is it? and what does it do?

Well the short answer is, it’s a management service that provides a rounded up view of the overall VxRail health, its usage and simplifies support and expansion of the environment.

To access the VxRail manager, you can connect via the URL defined at install or via the vSphere Web client plugin. From here you will login with your SSO credentials and be presented with the VxRail Manager dashboard.


The VxRail Manager dashboard is not the prettiest of UIs but does displays the current status of overall system health, event history, support status and activity within the VxRail online community. It also has the intelligence to automatically detect a new node or appliance and offer to automatically configure and expand my VxRail environment with a single click.


Selecting Stats on the left, I can access additional real-time system health details for both logical and physical resources and can view and analyze resource operability, performance, and utilization data. Various attributes like storage, CPU, and memory utilization can be viewed at the cluster, appliance, or individual node level. With the included VMware vRealize Log Insight (separate included virtual machine), it can monitor system events and provide ongoing holistic notifications into the VxRail Manager about the state of the virtual environment and appliance hardware. This allows for real-time automated log management with log monitoring, intelligent grouping, and analytics to provide better troubleshooting resources.


Selecting Support I am able to access the Dell EMC Software Remote Services (ESRS) where I can Chat with support, open a service request, download and apply VxRail updates (Dell EMC and VMware) and search the VxRail knowledge base. Furthermore, the VxRail Manager provides access to a digital market for finding and downloading qualified software packages such as CloudArray, VMware Horizon Air Hybrid-Mode, Data Domain Virtual Edition, RecoverPoint for VMs, and vSphere Data Protection.

So to conclude, the VxRail Manager is somewhat of the secret sauce that simplifies the entire administration experience with VxRail environments and delivers lifecycle processes to help maintain and keep your operational environment up and running.


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