Dude! You’re getting a Dell!

Do you remember the annoying but highly successful ‘Dude, you’re getting a Dell’ TV commercial from the early 2000s.

A few months back, I was in attendance and watching Michael Dell’s keynote at this years Dell EMC World and you quickly got to see his vision and VxRail appliances were a big part of it. The modular approach to composable infrastructure is clearly part of the modern day datacenter of which we are evolving into with VxRail.
While VxRail appliances from the new Dell EMC will continue to offer Quanta based hardware as an option, it was only a matter of time before we would see Dell pushing PowerEdge servers into the mix. What that means is with the release and general availability of VxRail 4.0 you too will be able to order a VxRail appliance based on Dell PowerEdge servers. Dude, you’re getting a Dell!

For Dell shops this is good news as theses customers no longer need to adopt an alternative hardware platform to get the convenience of VxRail however these initial Dell offerings will be targeted at specific hyperconverged workloads to start. The Dell PowerEdge servers will be based on the R630, R730 and R730XD models and be sold as individual, three and four node configurations.

dellnodesSomething to highlight here is you will be able to mix and match the different series within a single VxRail clustered environment and with vSphere Enterprise Plus licensing allow your workloads to be series based with DRS affinity rules. There is one exception though, the first four nodes will be required to be the same series and configuration to balance out the hyperconverged technologies for best performance and availability.
NOTE: vSphere Enterprise Plus licensing is only a recommendation, you can license vSphere with lower tiered licensing options.

The new Dell lineup will be available as part of a new VxRail series of appliances and listed here

E Series: An entry level model offering ample compute and storage options but with a cost conscious price targeted for Remote Office Branch office (ROBO) and small environments where space is limited or just a few generic workloads are utilized. This series is based on the Dell PowerEdge R630 servers as a 1 rack unit single node.

V Series: A VDI optimized model offering the option to add in supported GPU hardware from NVidia to allow offloading of graphic intense applications and add 2D and 3D support for virtual desktops. This series is based on the Dell PowerEdge R730 servers as a 2 rack unit single node.

P Series: A high performance model offering greater compute, memory and storage configuration to support those business critical applications and high performance computing needs. This series is based on the Dell PowerEdge R730 servers as a 2 rack unit single node.

S Series: A highly dense storage model offering the ability to add in additional HDD bays to host those large data repositories and data driven analytical applications. This series is based on the Dell PowerEdge R730xd servers as a 2 rack unit single node.

All Dell PowerEdge VxRail appliances come with add on licenses for RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines (RP4VM) and Cloud Array to provide additional functionality and value.

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